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  1. M

    Effexor causing blurry vision, memory loss, focus problems...

    I've been on Effexor for almost 2 years now, and on varying doses from 225 back down to 150. Lately, about 4 months ago the effexor started giving me symptoms of: Brain Fog Lethargy Memory problems Feeling Robotic Trouble Organizing thoughts Sleepy/Tired Fatigued And I've been lowering the...
  2. P

    Anyone else on 150mg seroquel?

    Hi, I'm really pleased as I used to be on 850 mg seroquel and was unable to function. I've had to taper it down really slowly, ( Dr tried to drop it too fast and I got bad withdrawals) at last I have reached just 150 mg and will stay on this dose. I have gone from an 'antipsychotic' dose to it...
  3. P

    150mg Effexor worse than hell with zyprexa combination

    Is anybody there? I take 75mg of effexor and zyprexa I used to take 150mg effexof but that amount with zyprexa was making mW suicidally depressed.now 75mg effexor is crap and making me very sad and low. I think I should switch antidepressants, maybe switch to Zoloft (Lustral)?I've been on...
  4. R

    Coming off Venlafaxine

    I've been on Venlafaxine 150mg for two years and it's just not working for me anymore. My Pdoc and I decided to start weaning off the medication slowly. I also take 200mg Trazodone and 2mg Haloperidol for anxiety/depression. We decided to tackle venlafaxine first as it has always given be...
  5. FallenAngel

    Pregabalin 150mg

    I have been prescribed Pregabalin 150mg to help with anxiety. Has anyone been prescribed this and are there any side effects to be wary of? Thanks in advance
  6. rhee8974


    Hey everyone. Haven't posted anything in awhile, hope everyone's doing good. Things are good on my end. Just taking care of kids & house. Busy busy. Went & saw my doctor last week. She is keeping me on 150mg Zoloft, 3mg klonopin & 90mg lithium. She's adding 50mg seroquel xr a another mood...
  7. Catastrophe

    Anyone on here taking 200mg of Sertraline?

    I've been on Sertraline for about a year and a half. I was originally on 50mg and had it increased to 100mg after 3-4 months. About 2 months ago I had it increased again to 150mg. The 150mg seems to be the only thing that has helped my anxiety. I just have this odd feeling I need more :| It does...
  8. M

    Hi, just so tired

    A quick hello to everyone. Im a 33yr old guy and have been trying to deal with many mental health issues for around 13 years now. I suffer from very bad psychosis, depression, panic attacks and struggle to leave my home. Just knowing I need to go to the corner shop makes me physically sick...
  9. chainsofdaisies

    can you? ....

    I'm on 150mg of sertraline, I was just wondering if I can take 150mg flunconazole for thrush?
  10. D

    pseudo psycosis

    My pdoc has told me I have pseudo psychosis, at first I was ok with it as it meant I did not have schizophrenia. But I am not sure he is right, I lack some of the symptoms of schizophrenia but so maybe I am atypical. He also thought I may have psychotic depression. I am on 150mg sertraline and...
  11. B

    bupropion and anxiety

    I've been prescribed Bupropion 150mg then went up to 300mg on the 7th day. Well my anxiety has been through the roof, my psych told me to go back to 150mg for 2 weeks and take diazepam twice a day 5mg each time. Well I'm quite tolerant to diazepam so feel like I've had nothing. I don't want to...
  12. loulabelle

    quietapine (seraquel) 300mg Slow release

    haya just to let you all know if u live in the UK east anglia, today i went to get my meds and i have been told that there are supplier problmes with the 300mg so call ur local pharmacy before u request your prescription as you may need to get 150mg and double up hope it ok for you i got...
  13. Blindside

    Trazodone not working

    I went to see my GP last week as ive been feeling a bit under the weather over the past few months and he put me back on trazodone mostly to aid me with sleep and i was to take one or two - 50mg capsules at night which helped for the first couple of nights. I took 50mg the first night and it...
  14. C

    Medicine advice

    I am currently taking 40mg of Celexa in the morning and 150mg Wellbutrin. Then at noon I take 150mg Wellbutrin and 25mg Vistaril. Then in the evening I take 25mg of Vistaril. At bedtime I take 100mg Vistaril, 30mg Remeron, 7.5mg Zyprexa, Melatonin, and Valerian Root. I am still having some...
  15. lostintime

    £ savings at the cost of my health - or not? (re Venlafaxine)

    I've just received a letter from my Doctor's Practice telling me that from my next prescription onwards, they will be changing my prescription from venlafaxine MR 150mg capsules (1 per day) to venlafaxine 75mg tablets (1 twice a day) because the "new twice daily tablets".... are "less expensive...
  16. R


    Hi. I'm new here, so I'll give a bit of back story. I'm 15 and I've had major depression and anxiety since I was 12. I started seeing psychologists and psychiatrists when I was 13 and since then I've been prescribed a range of meds. None of which have really worked. At the moment I'm on 150mg...
  17. M

    does serequel sedate you?

    I don't find it sedating really and i still struggle to get to sleep. I am only on 150mg a day so maybe this is why. What sort of dose do you find sedating?
  18. J


    any one on this? the side effects say weight loss has this happened to you? il be on 150mg a day thankyou