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Thanks for your interest in contacting the Mental Health Forum.

Unfortunately because of our limited resources we can't respond to every email we get. Please read the following and see if what you want to contact us about relates to any of the following:

For information about emergency mental health help please visit:

If you want to share your experiences about your own mental health or the support you have been receiving (or not receiving!) please post a message on our forum at If you need to join please do so at:

Please use the forum’s post reporting system (click on the triangle at the bottom of any post on the forum) for any of the following: i) to change your user name; ii) to report issues happening on the forum; iii) close your account;

If you are from the media we generally don't respond to such requests. Please do not expect to hear back from us.

If you are writing to seek permission to advertise for research participants or to do research on our forum, we have a strict policy of not allowing it unless it has been approved through the forum's research process. This can take a considerable period of time. You can find out about this policy here: Please do note that as we receive a very large number of requests we prioritise research conducted by people who have personal experience of mental health issues.

Any other matters we'll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

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