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Emotional Hijacking: How a Simple Understanding of the Way Your Brain Works Can Bring You Peace of Mind

 Author: Marlene Schneider Potter  Category: Anxiety  Publisher: Booksurge Publishing  : 2009  ISBN: 9781439250150  Pages: 168

It’s a VERY easy read and written in larger letters as she realises that people in the midst of extreme anxiety can’t read a wall of text easily. Excellent suggestions for how to change your behaviour. Calypso, Admin, Mental Health Forum

Emotional Hijacking by Marlene Potter, LCSW, is a personal journey from emotional suffering to enlightened awareness. Inspired by Dr. Joseph LeDoux’s breakthrough scientific research on the biology of fear, Marlene has captured the importance of his message. Stress causes regression. Once you discover how regression limits your choices to fight, flight or freeze in fear, you can recover your ability to respond compassionately, to yourself, and to the challenges of living. This book is not about never feeling fear, anger or depression. It is about how to understand and deal with the two little almond-shaped alarm systems in our brain that sometimes mistakes sticks for snakes and cause emotional triggers that appear life-threatening. Spiritual leaders, such as Eckart Tolle, speak of a “pain body,” a dark side of your soul, which can mysteriously overwhelm you. This book casts a light into this darkness. Empowering you to prevent emotional hijackings and speed your recovery from trauma.

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