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Bipolar Disorder: The Ultimate Guide

 Author: Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders  Category: Bipolar Disorder  Publisher: Oneworld Publications  : 2019  ISBN: 9781780745435  Pages: 295  Buy or Read More

“I found this helpful not only for me but for my relatives who liked the fact that the writers were relatives of people living with bipolar” – Calypso – Mental Health Forum Admin

Written in a highly accessible question and answer format, this comprehensive and compassionate guide draws on the latest research, a broad range of expert opinion, numerous real-life voices and personal experiences from people with bipolar. With a list of useful resources, it is both the perfect first port of call and a reference bible you can refer to time and time again.

From how to recognize the symptoms to how to explain to a child that their parent has been diagnosed, first cousins Amanda and Sarah – who have four close family members diagnosed with the condition – explore and explain absolutely everything that someone with bipolar disorder (and those who live with and love them) needs to know.

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