About Us

What is the Mental Health Forum?

The Mental Health Forum is a peer support forum for people who experience mental health issues. It is a place where you can speak openly and anonymously about your mental health experiences.

We aim to be the friendliest place on the web to discuss mental health issues. We bring together people from all corners of the world and all walks of life.

Our History

Our forum, then known as the 1 in 4 Forum, was started by the Mental Health Foundation in the United Kingdom in April 2003. They ran it until 2006.

A large group of volunteers from around the world now run it. Together 4 Change, a non-profit organisation based in Oxford (UK), supports us.

In December 2007, we changed the name from the 1 in 4 Forum to the Mental Health Forum.

Our Funding

The non-profit organisation Together 4 Change funds the Mental Health Forum through donations received from private individuals. We also receive a small affiliate sales fee from the sales of the books in our Book Store, which is powered by Blackwell’s.

Forum Safety

The safety of our members and visitors is paramount. Our team works day and night to keep the forum safe. Please use the report button at the bottom of posts to report anything which causes you concern. Our Forum Safety Team Members, Moderators and Administrators see all reports.

We also use artificial intelligence to identify posts on our forum that may be a cause for concern. Those posts are flagged and then checked individually by Forum Safety Team members.

We do not allow members to post specific details of self-harm or drug abuse, promote anorexia or bulimia, or share specific details of suicide intentions or attempts. We do this for the safety of all members and visitors to the Forum.

Our volunteer Forum Guides, Forum Safety Team members, Moderators and Administrators all have UK Disclosure and Barring Service checks or equivalent police checks, depending on which country they live in.

Our Team of Volunteers

The team running the forum know what it’s like to experience mental health issues, as we have them ourselves.

Our team consists of Forum Guides, Forum Safety Team Members, Moderators, Administrators, Website and Social Media Team Members, as well as some more general volunteers. Together we work to ensure that the Mental Health Forum remains safe and supportive for all members and guests. If you are interested in volunteering with Mental Health Forum please see below.

Below are some of the different roles and responsibilities of forum volunteers.

Forum Guides

Forum Guides welcome new members and assist them as they find their way around the forum. If you have any questions about the forum, or you would like some friendship and support when you first join the forum, send a message to a Forum Guide, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Forum Subject Guides and Moderators

Forum Subject Guides and Moderators are members of the team who help run a particular section of the forum (e.g. our anxiety forum etc.). They are members with a little more knowledge (from personal experience and/or academic) about their subject area. They are new roles for the forum (starting August/September 2022).

Forum Safety Team

The Forum Safety Team, with assistance from the Forum Safety Bot, work hard to make sure that the Mental Health Forum is a safe space for all members and guests.


Moderators work to ensure that members and guests are being supported and that the forum rules and guidelines are followed.

Please report any post that causes you to be concerned to the moderators. Just click on the “Report” button, which you can find at the bottom of each post. That way, members of the Moderation and/or Forum Safety Teams can quickly deal with any concerns.


The Admin staff are responsible for making the Mental Health Forum work. The role includes tending to our membership database, providing leadership to the volunteer team, training new staff, and providing a second check on all reported posts.

Website and Social Media Volunteers

Volunteers write articles for the forum website. They have personal experience or professional knowledge that they share in the articles they write. Other volunteers help make sure the forum gets known through social media or by working on search engine optimization.

Other volunteers

Other volunteers help out the forum in different ways according to the needs of the forum.

How to become a forum volunteer

There are three ways to express your interest in becoming a forum volunteer:

  1. respond to a specific request on the forum for volunteers;
  2. expressing your interest by completing our volunteer recruitment form;
  3. accepting a nomination made by another forum member.

We try to ensure that our volunteer team is diverse and representative of our community.

Contact Information

You can contact us by email using our contact form or at:

Mental Health Forum
Suite 223, 266 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 7DL
United Kingdom