The Mental Health Forum has grown out of the 1 in 4 Forum, which was started by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK in April 2003. The 1 in 4 Forum earned a reputation of being a high-quality forum where members could get mutual support while also considering mental health policy and service development issues. In December 2007 the name of the 1 in 4 Forum was changed to the Mental Health Forum, and it became the web-based forum it is today.

The Mental Health Forum today continues to have the aim of building a high-quality community where members can get mutual support, and discuss mental health policy and service development issues.

It serves people experiencing mental health issues, their friends or relatives, and people working in the mental health field (from support worker to service manager and from nurses to psychologists and psychiatrists).

The Mental Health Forum is run on a day to day basis by a team of dedicated volunteers to whom we are greatly indebted to for their time, dedication, knowledge and experience. A big thank you to you all.

Together 4 Change, a non-profit organisation, now owns and manages the Mental Health Forum. Together 4 Change is an organisation which aims to be a key catalyst in bringing about improvements in the lives of people who have social or health needs. In terms of the Mental Health Forum, Together 4 Change works together with our members and others to try and improve things by providing a space for mutual support and by developing projects from the things we learn on the Mental Health Forum and advocating for policy and practice changes.