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    Thread: The rise of self consciousness

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      Default The rise of self consciousness

      When i was acutely/more ill i never used to consider whether people thought i was odd or not. Now i worry about facial and physical mannerisms, whether i am giving off signs of being out of sync.
      Being more aware/having more 'insight' can have it's downside. If anything my anxiety/social anxiety is worse.
      Yet inside there is this perpetual nagging doubt;
      the feeling we are possessed by a 'subtle lack of togetherness''.

      If we really want to say what helps in mental health, there’s a straightforward mantra and it goes like this:

      “Some people find medication helpful. Some people find therapy helpful. Some people find medication and therapy helpful. Some people don’t find either helpful.”

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      Being conscious of your own self-consciousness is horrible.
      I hate being aware of my awkward facial expressions/blushing/body language.

      Don't really have much advise on this one, but I can definitely sympathise. x
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