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    Thread: Empathy + Placebo = Healing?

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      Default Empathy + Placebo = Healing?

      Yet inside there is this perpetual nagging doubt;
      the feeling we are possessed by a 'subtle lack of togetherness''.

      If we really want to say what helps in mental health, there’s a straightforward mantra and it goes like this:

      “Some people find medication helpful. Some people find therapy helpful. Some people find medication and therapy helpful. Some people don’t find either helpful.”

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      I think that is a point made. I don't think patting someone on the head and saying "oh dear" works anymore than writing a prescription and saying it.

      But understanding yourself along side understanding the characteristics of your illness is very important to healing ..... example:

      Started feeling there was a human living in my bro's cat

      Sat and thought about why I felt like that. The cat pisses me off, I try very hard to bond with the cat, took to hurling abuse at the cat in a 'sing songy' way while stroking the cat because it pisses me off. Cats off her food, connected back to treating her bad (even tho she didn't know what I was saying) guilt trigger=there's a human inside the cat!!!

      I suppose I could have freaked out and fallen into full blown psychosis gone to psych who says "there's no human in the cat, need pills"
      Gone to someone crying who could have said "aawww poor you, there's no human in the cat"
      I could look over it all and try and understand where that came from and through some understanding apply logic and ... and... Me and the cat are fine now and I know she's just a cat lol
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