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    Thread: Antidepressant Use Peaks Just Before Divorce

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      Default Antidepressant Use Peaks Just Before Divorce

      Yet inside there is this perpetual nagging doubt;
      the feeling we are possessed by a 'subtle lack of togetherness''.

      If we really want to say what helps in mental health, there’s a straightforward mantra and it goes like this:

      “Some people find medication helpful. Some people find therapy helpful. Some people find medication and therapy helpful. Some people don’t find either helpful.”

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      Thanks nowhereland gave thanks for this post

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      its true
      my mum is the most mentally health person ever but for the first time n 65 years she went on ADs when divorcing my d a d
      its nice to be important ,but its more important to be nice
      xxxx you count ,you matter ,you are important (I promise)
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